About the Herpetological Society of Japan

The Herpetological Society of Japan was established in 1962. The society now publishes Current Herpetology and Bulletin of the Herpetological Society of Japan, each twice per year. Current Herpetology is printed solely in English and is international in both scope of topics and range of contributors. The Bulletin of the Herpetological Society of Japan is printed exclusively in Japanese and publishes more regional topics and announcements about the Herpetological Society of Japan.

Activity of the society

How to join?

See membership page for details.
The members receive the journals and can make presentation in the annual meetings.

The society office

Dogura Office Co. Ltd.
Address: 1-8, Koyama Nishihanaikecho, Kita-ku, Kyoto 603-8148, JAPAN
e-mail: jde07707(a)nifty.com
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