On 2020 meeting (28–29 Nov)

The two styles for online meetings are being discussed: Online conference style and On-demand broadcasting style.

We would be happy if you could answer the questionnaire below (1–15 Aug), after reading the following table briefly describing the characteristics of each style.

Online conference style On-demand broadcasting style
Which system will be used? Zoom online conference app
Google “Zoom”
Specific web-based system (using a commercial service)
Presentation Oral. 12 min presentation with 3min Q &A
Live, using Zoom
Oral or Poster.
Presentation file (movie or PDF) uploaded in advance (before broadcasting time).
Audience Live, using Zoom. Watching at the meeting website during broadcasting time (probably around 4th week of November).
Q & A Live, using Zoom Using web-based live chat system on 28 and 29 Nov. Specific core time will be assigned to each speaker.
Satellite conferences, mixer Not held.
Business meeting It will be announced to HSJ members later.

* These are provisional and detailes may be changed.